Monday, June 24, 2019

Porto to Santiago

This 240km walk from Porto to Santiago was the second of three legs in the current campaign. It brought the current distance traveled up to 560km, after the Castilian leg, and as raised both awareness and funding for Charity Water. 

Thank you for your continued support, as this simple poet walks the Camino.

Here is another photo essay to accompany the first, this time of the Portuguese Camino, during late spring and early summer. I hope you enjoy, and as ever, please feel free to visit Charity Water

A Porto welcome at Dawn

Beautiful Tiling on Church, Porto

Portuguese steps and church, Porto

Water on Tap, River Aye, Portugal

Fatima Tower, Rates

St Michael's Bridge and Willow, Arcos, Portugal

Typical tile work fronting housing, Portugal

Lush Aryl, entering Barcelos, Portugal

Church interior, Braga, Portugal

Road decoration for the feast of St Anthony, Braga

The Angel and the writer, Barcelos, Portugal

Goldfish in a fountain, Tamal Valley, Portugal

Entering Porta de Lima, Portugal

'The Lovers', Porta de Lima, Portugal

Poetry and art on the way to Valenca, Portugal

Wild Art, Tui, Galacia, Spain

Arcade from a distance, Galacia, Spain

Zen, Pontevedra, Galacia, Spain

The Rose and the Cross, Pontevedra, Galacia

Pilgrims rest, Caldes de Reis, Galacia

Church nestled in the clouds, Galacia

Mother and son amongst the Elms, Irea Flavia, Galacia

Punte de Carmen, Irea Flavia, Galacia

The River Sar, Irea Flavia, Galacia

Wild Horses, Santiago de Compostella, Galacia

Selfie! Cathedral of St James, Santiago de Compostella, Galacia
I hope you enjoyed the little photo essay. Still many more to come, and 3 journals full of writings now... Join me on the next leg of the journey as we travel towards Rome. As ever, please feel free to visit Charity Water

A Castilian Photo Essay

After 14 days and 320km I reached Sahagun from Madrid. The wonderful welcome and hospitality shown me by so many Castillian folk must bear a mention. The spring weather has been sublime, and o without further ado here is a taste of this wonderous walk so far. If you enjoy the images please feel free to visit CharityWater for they are the reason I carry 20kg, 20km a day! Solidarity!


Rich <3

Church of Santiago, Madrid.

Leaving Madrid

Mazanares el Real

Lost in the trees, Sierra de Garderrama, Madrid.

Castillia De Coco

Aqueduct in Segovia

Siesta in Alkazeren
Simancas from the Stone Bridge

Proud Sculptor Cigunuela

Wild Castillian Poppy Fields, Sahagun

Lotus Lilly, Calzada Del Coto

Buddha in the Trees, Calzada Del Coto

Ermita del la Perigrina, Sahagun

Just a few images of the many that were taken. The trip from Madrid to Sahagun during springtime, was at a time of year that the cottonwood was in blossom and covered the fields of wild poppies in a blanket of warm snow... so, one final image, and a poem, to speed us on to our next journey. As ever please feel free to visit Charity Water to support the campaign. Thank you!

A Warm Snow

A Warm Snow

Arabesques of swirling song
Twirl along the redolent path
A perfumed breeze, kissing the trees
Whispering their secrets in sleepy canopies.
Strewn along a blood red carpet of wild poppies
the nascent song of natures first joy
Swallowed by wind waves of wings first beat
Splash upon the shore
The honey-suckled petals of sweet amour.
The wild rose, and thistle too,
Dance in the revelry of pink and blue,
Bow to the risen King, brightly crowned,
Enthroned in this Castilian sky.
Cottonwood rains between the dappled shadow,
The Mayflower opens to the supple yarrow.
The tender bliss of loves first ardent tender kiss.
Mountain snows retreat, the sound of your heartbeat,
resting still, 
Amidst the warm glow of this late springs surprise.
The trickling streams arise, and cuckoos call,
In dreams, the song of fervent butterflies.
The cramping pain 
Soothed in a soft emollient of loving balm,
a downy breeze, a suckling tender calm,
Drifting between the trees,
The Willow and the Beech
The crimson tide, each, 
Smothered beneath the blanket of a warm snow.

RMP 2019

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Another Walk About Water

Hello Everyone

I will be walking from Madrid to Santiago De Compostella as my first leg of a campaign for Charity Water. Last year I walked from The Netherlands to Santiago, a journey of 2450km, and you can read about that trip here!

This year I will do two walks, of which this is the first leg, and will again walk on behalf of Charity Water, this time as an official campaign.

The first leg of the trip will be about 700km. I carry 20kg's on my back, and average 20km a day, in solidarity with those who are forced to do so on a daily basis, just to collect their daily water.

I hope that you will feel inspired by this walk and look forward to posting Photo's, Poetry, and updates from the trail as we walk this road together for a wonderful Charity who are doing magnificent work with those who are most in need.

Water is Life!

Thank you


Link to the Official Campaign: A Walk About Water

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Just a quick Update for anyone who is still visiting the Blog. I am in the throes of writing atm, and although it was a simple photo, arrived safely In Santiago on the evening of September 4th, 2018. After taking a short sabbatical to fix my feet, I started work in the new year, and am at present writing a book on the walk and allied subject matter. I wanted to thank each and every one of you who took part in the walk with me, and the fantastic response to CharityWater for whom I dedicated this pilgrimage. Thank you! <3

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Catch Up (part 1)

What better way to catch up with the journey than a dedicated photo essay, for a picture paints a thousand words, and I'm a few thousand words in arrears. So without further ado here are a few images to catch everyone up to date. Some images may be out of order so please forgive me if you notice! ;)

Le Sevre niortaise, Chenay

Moonrise-Sunset, Chenay

The chior, eglise St Hilaire, Melle

My first wild Sunflower :)

St Jacques memorial,  St Leger.

Wheat fields, near Brie.